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Friday, August 2, 2013

Tea Planter, noted Assamese Hemen Barooah passes away leaving a great legacy

Hemendra Prasad Barooah
image courtesy The Telegraph
Great visionary, noted Assamese Tea magnet Hemen Barooah is no more. The person whose enthusiastic endeavours have inspired a generation of people to take the plunge into choosing business as career, who took Tea gardening and marketing into international level by using his unique business sense and and presented an inimitable example of life greatly, impressively lived has died on 31st July in Bankok.
 I have never seen Hemen Barooah in person, but his life has been part of the history of Assam and Assamese Tea Planters, his presence in documents of Assamese economy, and also in the lives of other great Assamese people whose lives were touched by this great business magnet made his life an interesting study for me like any other Assamese. The person renowned as a connoisseurs of Arts, a great visionary businessman and the suave fouder of Barooah Associates has breathed his last in Kolkata on 1st August 2013 but he had immaculately planned his death already. He passed away in Bankok but wished to get his ashes brought to his ancestral home Thengal Manor (the famous family mansion of Barooah) . The man who has greatly influenced the Tea Industry has wished that if he dies in a foreign country his last rites would be performed in that place only but his ashes should be bought back to his homeland and precisely to his home Thengal Manor. Thegal Manor as many of us know is the idyllic country home of the Barooahs in Jorhat district of Assam.

Barooah's last rites will be performed on Sunday 4th August with due honor. May the soul of this great visionary rest in Peace.

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