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Monday, March 24, 2014

Election-centred activities and development issues in Assam: What ordinary voters think?

The hustle and bustle centred around the Lokasabha Election 2014 has revealed a bleak picture of quality of politicians that we have to represent ourselves. It also reveals the quality of our electorate at least a huge chunk of electorate.
I want to make it clear that this picture represent the Election centred pandemonium only in my state Assam but reflect overall picture of my country. While on the one hand veteran MP candidates have the temerity to announce that they will emerge as winners even though their respective constituencies fare poorly in terms of development, on the other hand electorate by and large support one party or other targeting some kind of personal agenda. Some were seen bragging in front of TV cameras that despite age-induced ill-health and  egregious performances in the last tenures they will 'play the game'!

Prime-time is abuzz with debates among common voters, supporters and grass-root workers of the main political parties. But the  interesting and thought-provoking trend I think is  the volley of cross-questions coming from rival candidates or supporters. That means whenever a question on development or any other issue is asked it is answered with another question which has no direct relation with the given one.

Another alarming issue is election centred vociferation of politicians. Why politicians jump from one party to the other and citing differences of ideologies only when the election comes. What compels our leaders to keep schtum during the Parliament and even in state assembly? The duty of responsible opposition is always ignored by so called representatives of people.  Why can't parties groom good politicians during the entire five year tenure and start the exercise only before Poll?

As electorate we are still lacking the feature of conscience voting. To add to the woes we have the illegal migrants backed systematically by the state. There are more to worry. Even if you ignore huge number of illiterate voters who do not know whether this election is for Loksabha or Bidhansabha or whether Rahul Gandhi is Mahatma Gandhi's Grandson we have the snob class who like to distance themselves from the brouhaha of Elections. The reason may be lack of development as expected and the long hours of queuing in Election booths where basically illegal migrant labours are seen standing from dawn to dusk!!

But we have to ask ourselves one question that is  "Are we equally participating in the making of our country or state"?  Do we see govt. employees working honestly. Don't we think that if each and every plan and scheme undertaken by government is implemented honestly we would have a better picture of our state. The money distributed for the government schemes are channelled in different ways so as to reach each level of hierarchy from MP to the stakeholder so that the MPs can distribute them in the election meetings at the end of the five year term. Are we ready to not be a part of such unholy nexus?

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