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Monday, May 26, 2014

Dissidence of legislators in Assam: Would the present Govt last till 2016

While Narendrabhai's charm has already started working up positive reaction for his brave steps of uniting our neighbouring countries of the entire Indian Sub-continent even before he has sworn in as PM, we here in Assam are fed up with daily dose of 'dissidence' news of our obstreperous  legislators who are trying hard to get a slice of remaining rotten pie that is Government of Assam. Political experts opine that since dissident MLAs and Ministers are too sure that the ruling party can't make it into power in 2016 Assembly Election they are trying hard to get a berth in the state Ministry for the remaining days.
The Chief Minister in his usual bravado declared before the General Election 2016 that he would resign as CM if the ruling party gets less than 7 seats and this news instantly fueled up hopes of MLAs who could not land in a Ministerial position and those who were hatching Chief Ministerial dreams. The Chief Minister's embarrassment was clearly visible after the dissidence drama reached it's peak since he has been denying news of dissidence for quite some time.

Almost all the departments are reflecting their putrescent condition which get reflected in the sufferings of the common people, who cannot escape these. Common people voted for change and now they are kind of  avenged for their action in the form of egregious power supply, lack of water supply, absence of of traffic rules and even absence of govt employees in their desks. There seems to be absolute anarchy in the state of Assam which has reduced the status of common people to medieval set up where people need to wrap up their days work at the brink of sunset. Forget industries, here the whole of Assam gets slipped into darkness after sunset. Surely like the way the present govt could not fathom the wave against itself it is also not being able to feel or solve the problems.

That people are unhappy in Assam can be understood easily. It is not only dissidence that causing problems. Road-safety is the last word that people can imagination the roads. From off and on skirmishes to road blockades via  head on collisions are norms of our streets across the state. Questions may be raised that don't we have any officers on duty on these places. But dissidence and ineffective governance are surely to be blamed here.

In Election campaigns most candidates are heard saying that poaching of Rhinoceros is the top-most problem of Assam. It 'is' a problem that needs to addressed with immediate effect but there are other problems and I think people of humans should be given the same importance. For example the killing of border area people of Assam by Naga and Arunachali miscreants are not seemed to be echoed by any candidate. At least not with such force. How long the government will maintain silence over such issues. Unless Assam emerges as a strong state in the North Eastern region we cannot garner respect from our neighbours. The state govt and the ruling party can mull over these issues and can work through a respectable tally in the next Assembly Election instead of getting kayoed to oblivion.

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