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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dr Sanjib Baruah's Book India Against Itself: Assam and the Politics of Nationality

                       "India Against Itself" has been able to create a stir because it brought the causes of the
grievous Socio-political situation of Assam to the fore-front. It reflects what common and conscious people in Assam feel about this. Honestly there is nothing new for the people of Assam who have been witnessing the political situation of Assam closely in the recent  past years. Since the author of this book is an Assamese living in abroad so this book has been able to catch the fancy of readers immediately.

              People who has read this book have opined that this book is  really a great eye-opener to the world especially for those who are interested to know about the current and recent political happenings of Assam and North East. The Government of India, its policies regarding North East, and  their impact upon the people of region were not discussed thoroughly so far. But in India Against Itself Dr Sanjib Baruah has discussed all these from the period of British rule to the contemporary age. The topic of ethnic conflict is dealt with utmost care keeping in mind the ethnic diversity of this region.

                       The Author: The writer of India Against Itself Dr Sanjib Baruah is the Professor and  Chair of Political Studies at Bard College.  Academic Program Affiliation(s): Asian studies,  Environmental and Urban Studies, Global and International Studies, Political Studies. He has graduated from Cotton College Guwahati and achieved his Post Graduation from Gauhati University Assam.

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