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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Causes of Border aggression in Assam: Is their any solution?

            You can smell protest at every corner of Assam. Underpayment of teachers, expulsion of illegal migrants, rising price of essential and not-so-essential commodities, fast for land-rights, self-immolation and  threats of the same and many more legal and illegal forms of protests are going on at any given point. This clearly indicates the condition of people of Assam. But never
for a moment you should forget that here people means lesser privileged people who are bound to hit the road for preservation of their dignity as human being and as citizens of an independent country.  Add to the list of violent protests in Assam is the recent protest of common people against Naga Aggression in Assam's Golaghat district. Due to the inaction of Assam Government the protest turned aggressive and to control furious people Assam Police tried a brutal clampdown over them. Heart-wrenching television visuals of brutalized women and young boys and men were  required to take the message of aggrieved people  to our Government.  

    Amidst demands of immediate action from Central government and also cry for  presidential rule in Assam it is clear that people in the state has stopped having faith in the system back at home. Bilateral talks over border tension between Assam and Naga CM perhaps no longer matter. What is required is only stern action from the centre.

   If we try to look at the root cause of Nagaland's aggressive behavior in Assam Border areas will can see there is lack of political goodwill on the part of government to solve this issue. Ever since Nagaland has become a part of Indian Union as a state from 1963 Nagaland government has been demanding that almost 5000 sq Mile area of Assam should be included to Nagaland. In these districts like North Cachar Hills District, Karbi Anglong district etc along with several border forest areas of Assam should be included in Nagaland. To add fuel to this, Naga Nationalist terrorist outfit   has been demanding a Independent Greater Nagalim has their draft  map including parts of Assam. In 1979, K.V.K. Sundaram Committee has submitted his report  after studying the problem thorouhly. In his report Sundaram has dismissed all undue demands of Nagaland Government. But Nagas dismissed this report and demonstrated more proactive aggression in border areas, since Indian govt has failed to take adequate measures in compelling Naga Govt to abide by these recommendations. Hence the much talked about bilateral talks in state level would perhaps bring no positive results unless the Centre intervenes and handle the issue with stern hands.

 The solution to the aggression is also possible by the development of border areas. The secure status that people of Nagaland can feel even if they are living in remote areas of the sate is not seen in case of Assam. Good roads, hospitals, schools in these place could ensure safety and security of Assamese people living in those areas. Is it an impossible task?  People living in those areas are both threatened by govt and terrorist backed aggressive action like arson and killings.  If Assam govt can establish an administrative  sub division in Uriamghat area that won't further security reach to those people.

    Strengthening of  Police can be another passage to ensure security of border areas. In Uriamghat episode people were seen having faith on Indian Army immediately after Indian Army started Flag March in the area.  Assam Police should be worthy of deserving that kind of faith on themselves.

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