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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Aggression in border areas of Assam: Will peace be ever eluding to our people

           The melting pot of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and languages, that Assam is, has been becoming the cauldron of communal disharmony and even violence from time to time, more so in recent years. Sure that people have grievances against each other and have strong ground for it but the way the state is handling such matters can not be appreciated at all. The recent Nagaland Assam border clashes and tension looming over it is another blot in the image of the people of Assam.
In fact the Assam State governments reaction and barbarous action of Assam Police have reassured that that the government is not pro-people. Even if you forgive the government for their inaction against Naga terrorist and in many other matters like dissidence among legislators, lack of basic amenities of live in villages, lack of  electricity, artificial flood and most important of all lack of plans, you can forgive the government for cracking down on innocent people in Golaghat district for protesting against Naga aggression.

Many things that so far had been under cover have come to light. Like that what are the achievements of our state government in developing the border areas of Assam touching Arunachal, Nagaland, and Bhutan etc. The sheer lack of infrastructure and services and securities  in those areas have prompted the terrorist groups belonging to the various states of North East including Assam to run parallel governments in these areas. Government offices, schools, dispensaries and voting centres bearing names of Arunachal or Nagaland are visible in these places. In Bihali Tezpur Arunachalese intruders had killed many people prior to general Election 2014. Naga intruders had been doing that since time immemorial by reaping harvests of Assamese people's lands in Doiyang in Golaghat district, killing people and looting them and so on. On 12th and 13th August 2014 more 15 people were killed and thousands of houses were burnt  by Naga terrorists at Uriamghat area of Golaghat district. But the most horrendous part of these events was surely the utmost brutality of  Assam Police crackdown on protesters.


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