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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Smart Cities in Assam: What are the requirements?

Smart City Guwahati

  Ever since PM Narendra Modi promulgated the idea of 100 Smart Cities project  in India citizens living in each  II and III Tier city is are expecting a possible improvement in the quality of their lives in terms of  traffic and transportation and other basic amenities. But any idea what are the things that will make our cities particularly Guwahati a smart city?
          Citizens of Guwahati are fighting tough against the artificial flood, tedious  traffic jams, lack of parking places and the menace of garbage dumping at every possible public place. So apparently our easy going Assamese mentality is possible to please by simply a bit of effective administration of the above problems. But Guwahati is not only a city of a bunch of happy-go-lucky Assamese folks. Its the Gateway of the entire North-Eastern region. A hub of business and education as well as  and tourist spot and a melting pot of different cultures. So at this moment Guwahati  actually has a really long to-do list!

Smart cities in Assam

A couple of days back Guwahtai is seen bagging a spot in the 100 Smart City list. Elated  as he really should be, our CM Tarun Gogoi has ordered the State Urban Development Ministry to prepare modalities for the same in Guwahati. The state of Assam already reeling with the problems of Japanese Encephalitis, flood and drought here and there and the problem of dissidence in the government  above all receives this much needed  positive impetus for the citizens. Moreover the success of this project although the result will be visible in the  future only, will be cruicial for Tarun Gogoi for his political career. Along with Guwahati Tinsukia, Tongla, Goalpara, and Udalguri also found to listed among the Smart cities in Assam.

what makes our Guwhati a smart city

The Smart City Project which is going to be possible with the help of foreign technological help from Singapore, France, Japan etc   will uplift the condition of 100 tier II and III cities in India with the help of 7060 crores of fund allotted to the project. These cities will have top class connectivity, high speed public transport and  technologies to monitor water levels, traffic condition, security for  city dwellers with the help of CCTV cameras, usage of energy etc which will be tracked by administrators. The Pime Minister Narendra Modi has already achieved success in implementing most of these technologies in his home State Gujarat where cities are having dweller friendly environment and also introduced sel-sufficiency in terms of energy  and water and good communication system. Bus Rapid Transit System like Ahmedabad and other cities can be something which citizens of Guwahati can look out for!

The outcome of all these plans would be depending on our administrators as well as  public awareness of our citizens. At this age we can still find citizens dumping garbage bags the drain or water bodies of their nearby areas which proves that we have long way to go before becoming responsible citizens. By the way readers suggestion and wishlist at my comment box are welcome regarding things we want in our smart cities. 

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