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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Profile of Niyar Saikia Assamese actress in Hollywood Flick Sold

                  A young  Assam girl just entering her teens acted in Jeffrey D Brown's film Sold, a movie about child trafficking that is  rampant in developing countries of Asia. Now at the release of the movie SOLD the young actress who has several movies to her credit expressed her excitement. Here are some facts about life and achievement of the actress Niyar Saika to our readers.

Born to a reputed Assamese family to singer  parents Prabin and Rasmirekha Saikia, Niyor has shown early sign of her acting bug. She has acted in an  Assamese film Butterfly Chase by noted Hindi and Assamese filmmaker Jahnu Barua. According to news report Niyar beat 600 girls from different countries like US, Canada, Nepal  in the screening test and bagged the coveted  role of  Lakshmi, a trafficked and rescued girl from Nepal.  At present Niyar is a student of class IX at  Maria Public School Birkuchi, at Guwahati in Assam.

As an actress Niyar polished her acting skills at Seagull academy run by two famous Assamese theatre and film artistes Baharul and Bhagirathi Islam. Niyar has an impressive filmography considering her  age. Her Assamese films include

  • Joymoti directed by Manju Barua
  • Aai Kot Nai directed by Manju Barua.
  • Ami Asomiya By Rajib Bhattacharya etc. She has reportedly acted in other ventures as well which are critically acclaimed.
About the film Sold:
Sold is a movie based on a novel by Patricia McCormick. It is about the lives of  those unfortunate girls who somehow get trapped in the hands of human traffickers and fall prey to the business of prostitution. Niyar has undoubtedly portrayed a complex role and achieved great success in her performance.  Commenting on Niyar's talent Jeffrey D Brown, the OSCAR winning  director  has said "Niyar has a rare combination of profound intelligence, presence of mind and grace.She is incredibly happy and and still a child and yet can plummet into depth of despair and sadness with her amazing acting abilities."

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We wish Niyar will go a long way as an actress!

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